Hailing from the city of České Budějovice in Southern Bohemia, the Budweiser Budvar Brewery is proud of its Czech heritage. In a country where the quality of beer is as serious as serious gets, how could you not be?

When it comes to beer products, it’s all about the backstory. Increasingly, we’re seeing consumers that want to know the country of origin, the variety of ingredients, the brewing process and more. In the creation of Budvar’s external communications website, ‘Czech Stories’, the company recognises the importance of these modern-day consumer expectations, and has tapped into them with gripping narratives.

Launched in partnership with the Czech Tourism team in September 2016, Czech Stories introduces you into the world of Budweiser Budvar. It’s here where consumers are able to delve into a wide range of storytelling content, to learn more about its brewing traditions and national heritage.

Whether it’s discovering the importance of Saaz hops, or the secretive ingredient of malt, each article is accompanied by a mini-film, highlighting the role of Budvar’s supply chain, beer sommeliers and business partners. After watching one of these videos, you can’t help but admire Budvar’s personal approach. It draws you into the narrative and helps you realise the level of craftsmanship and quality associated with the brand.

In addition to consumers, the website also serves as a learning tool for on-trade professionals, a channel to build product knowledge and bring some Budvar-inspired ideas to the table. A prime example is an on-going feature on ‘hoptails’ – each one providing a recipe that celebrates the craft of beer brewing and cocktail design. There is also a recipe which celebrates one of the country’s most popular dishes, Goulash – except this one has a Budvar twist.

At a time when Budvar is rapidly expanding, the brewery has made it a priority to reach out to consumers and industry professionals. Czech Stories serves as a tool to enable this objective, delivering backstories that connect and inspire people with its quality and national heritage.

There’s no doubt that it’s working, too. Budvar is already one of the best-selling Czech beers in the UK. Its award-winning Budvar Tank Beer, or Tankové Pivo as they say in the Czech Republic, has become a core USP for specialist pubs and bars around the country, supplying customers with fresh beer straight from České Budějovice.

Simon George, managing director at Budweiser Budvar UK, said: “Consumers appreciate Budvar’s key qualities and why it tastes so great — namely, the brewery’s unrelenting commitment to quality ingredients and the 102-day brewing process. We want to expand on this knowledge with our existing fan base and bring in new consumers through the storytelling activity, to help them appreciate the wider beauty of Southern Bohemia.”