As part of the annual International Coffee Day, the campaign has chosen to celebrate the ‘Women in Coffee’. Women play as important a role in the whole of the coffee chain as men, from planting the seeds to processing to trading to brewing… and drinking it.

The campaign is asking the question, just how many women it took for you to be able to drink your daily cuppa?

The idea for the 2018 campaign goes beyond paying homage to women.

They are highlighting the need for equity and equality in the coffee sector, from bean to cup, and that can only be achieved by empowering women to the benefit of the whole coffee sector. Last year 45 countries held coffee events, and this year they hope that even more will do so.

Gender Equality within the workplace is becoming increasingly important, and rightly so. The UK has one of the highest inequality rates in the world. Researchers ranked Britain 11th out of 18 countries – behind the US, France, Spain and Sweden – in a league table that considered pay, board level representation and the gap between male and female employment, among other factors.

Ensuring that both men and women are rightly represented, and celebrated, within the work place has become one of the top priorities for companies. Earlier this year, CPL Training celebrated their own equal workplace gender spectrum, with the introduction to 4 men and 4 women in managerial roles.

International Coffee Day takes place on October 1st.