Glassdoor, one of the world’s largest job and recruiting sites, today announced the results of its newest jobs report to identify the 25 Best UK Towns & Cities to Work In for 2018. Weighing three factors equally: how easy it is to get a job (hiring opportunity), how affordable it is to live there (cost of living), and how satisfied employees are working there (overall job satisfaction), they were able to compile the list for its third year.

The list is based on a comparison of 50 of the most populated UK towns and cities with populations above 100,000, and then on a 5-point scale (5.0=best city for a job, 1.0=worst city for a job), is determined by weighting three factors equally: hiring opportunity, cost of living and job satisfaction.

As part of this report, Glassdoor includes a comprehensive breakdown of each town and city’s median pay for employees, current average home value, overall job satisfaction rating, population and number of current job openings.

Slough tops the rankings once again this year due to its high number of jobs compared to the local population and relatively high average salaries when compared to living costs in the area. It was followed by newcomer Gloucester and tech hub Cambridge. Other newcomers to the list in 2018 include Guildford (No. 5), Chelmsford (No. 10), Blackburn (No. 12), Liverpool (No. 19), Norwich (No. 20), Preston (No. 24) and Falkirk (No. 25).

Glassdoor Economic Research Analyst Amanda Stansel, said: “”Slough is now firmly established as one of the best areas in the UK to work, because of its consistently high employee satisfaction and job opportunities relative to its population. It is also home to a huge range of employers. With plans now agreed for Heathrow’s third runway and the new Crossrail in 2019, its growth potential is very positive.

Manchester, last year’s runner up, dropped five places down to 7, while some of the UK biggest cities didn’t make the list at all, including Edinburgh, Sheffield, Glasgow, Cardiff and London.

The UK’s industrial heartland, Birmingham, leads the way in terms of open jobs with 40,019 available positions, followed by Manchester with 35,369 jobs. The highest median salaries, at £30,464 and £30,000 respectively, are found in Cambridge and Reading, while employee satisfaction is at its highest Bolton and Cambridge, with both cities sharing a Glassdoor Job Satisfaction rating of 3.6.

“While several of the towns and cities highlighted in this report may be surprising, many are experiencing growing local economies, complete with a healthy dose of new job prospects and strong home affordability. Plus, employees working in these areas often find themselves quite satisfied in their jobs. In turn, this can benefit local employers as UK studies show a correlation between high employee satisfaction and better business performance,” said Stansel.

You can see the full list on their website:,23.htm

Photo by Fraser Cottrell on Unsplash