On Wednesday, (31st October) Licensed Trade Charity hosted an evening of sporting entertainment at its annual fundraising boxing event at London’s Royal Garden Hotel. Guests included the BII, BBPA, Oakman Inns and the Hogsback Brewery were joined by Sky, who sponsored the event, to raise money for those in the industry who have fallen on hard times.

Money raised at the event will help the Licensed Trade Charity continue to support current and former pub, bar and brewery employees who are struggling with money issues, mental health and homelessness.

In early October this year, Licensed Trade Charity announced that in 2017, 385 people called their free telephone 24/7 advice service. They’ve reported that 50% of calls were directly related to money worries while 15% were about housing and fears of being made homeless. Other concerns were physical and mental health, including serious illness and stress at work. In response six free counselling sessions were offered to each person in need.

£4,385 was raised through the boxing event as well as through the raffle which included donated prizes such as a helicopter tour for two, an Apple watch and hampers. Seven amateur bouts featured boxers from clubs including Fitzroy Lodge where David Haye first took up boxing, with further sponsorship coming from Hunters Solicitors and Kleinwort Hambros private bank.

Jim Brewster, Chief Executive of the Licensed Trade Charity, said: “We are delighted that so many people from within the drinks trade have enjoyed such a great evening with us tonight. Their continued support allows us make a real difference to the lives of those who work in pubs, bars and breweries in need of help”.

LTC hope that by 2021, 12,900 people will benefit from their charitable services, and 80 children connected to the trade will receive bursaries, sponsorships or support with fees at LVS Ascot.