After selling CPL Online earlier this year, CPL Training CEO Daniel Davis’ was looking for a new venture. Incorporating his years of expertise in the hospitality industry, Dan is now establishing a creative development area in his home town, New Brighton.

Aspire sat down with Dan to learn all about his latest venture. 

Q: Tell us about your new venture Rockpoint Leisure?

A: Rockpoint Leisure is a regeneration project in my North Western home town of New Brighton. I have lived in New Brighton my whole life, and I’ve seen it go through many different cultural changes. 

So far, we’ve created the Victoria Quarter brand, we’re currently speaking to and engaging with as many facets of the local community as we can. We have an open-door policy drop in centre where we listen to what the locals want and unifying many of the towns and region’s key influencers.

Already we’ve been getting young people  from the local area involved. Rather than having them hanging round, causing trouble, we’ve got them helping to revitalise the area, even in the most rudimentary of ways, clearing benches, painting walls and generally tidying the vicinity. 

What we anticipate is that these kids will become the caretakers of tomorrow and we see a step change in attitudes towards their immediate environment. 

Q: What made you decide to do this?

A: In the mid-2000s, New Brighton saw the development of Marine Point, a £65m retail and leisure complex.  Chains now hound the area, we’ve got Pizza Express and Bella Italia for example, and yes it brings in customers but it’s not giving our area any character. 

With the state of the world at the minute, I realised I wanted to make a difference. I don’t have the power to change the world, but I do have the opportunity to make this area better. By launching restaurants and entrainment venues I can create jobs for people in the area as well expanding the sense of community and helping the area thrive to its full potential. 

Q: What is your vision? 

A: Victoria Quarter will be the footprint of Rockpoint Leisure. Starting out on Victoria Road, we’re hoping to eventually expand onto other streets in New Brighton to ultimately have a neighbourhood of independent businesses. 

Victoria Road is already a bubbling hub of small, proud independent businesses, however without buzz from residents they can often struggle.  By creating Victoria Quarter, there will be even more businesses to attract more people to come to the area.

We’re working on a variety of concepts which will benefit the locals as well as generating footfall from interested visitors. We’re currently working on our Hookah House ‘Habibi’ and our music cafe Rockpoint Records, as well as multiple others. 

Also, we’re working with other businesses which will include restaurants, entertainment venues and shops. So far, we have multiple brands that are involved in being part of Victoria Quarter, including clothing companies Urban Dojo, Bearded G and The Doll Club.

Ultimately, we want to turn New Brighton into a community of friendly, characteristic independent stores where people and their ideas can thrive and develop. To help encourage this I am also planning on creating a Research and Development Centre to allow us to not only provide the best training for businesses in the area but to also continue our commit to creating first class training for the hospitality sector.