In Good Habitz, 2018 Learning & Development Trend Report, it was found that UK workers value the opportunity to develop their skills sets more than they would a salary increase. In fact, knowledge is valued 20% higher than salary the report found. Having the chance to develop was among the top 5 things that UK employees value most in life, with 80% of working adults wanting the opportunity to keep on learning and challenging themselves. Among workers who have completed higher education programmes, the figure rose to 87%.

For years, employers have been emphasising the value of a ‘learning culture’ in their organisations and encouraging workers to commit to training and development programmes. Now, it seems that employees are finally listening with a ‘growth learning mindset’ well embedded across all segments of the country’s workforce.  

IT (27%) and management skills (24%) are the most highly sought-after subject, closely followed by positive psychology (16%) such as NLP, mindfulness and stress management, that employees wanted to develop in.

However, workers do expect their employer to finance the costs of their development courses as well as granting time off to complete training courses during working hours. 86% of employees believe that employers should be facilitating the opportunity and investing in their workers. A rising number of people also felt that employers should be giving employees time off during working hours to dedicate to learning and development, with 23% expecting this as standard, a 10% increase on previous years.

Although employees expected their employers to support them the majority (59%) prefer the convenience of e-learning to classroom-based study. The trend to favour e-learning is set to grow significantly, with just 18% of respondents saying they will be learning from books or in a traditional classroom environment in the future, compared with 50% expecting to use e-learning.

Looking at these figures, it is apparent that to ensure you are entitling your employees to exceptional job satisfaction, implementing a learning culture should be top of your list.