Paul Chase, Head of Education & Licensing, at CPL Training Group gives an insight into trends CPL Training have seen with refresher training and renewal applications in Scotland. The deadline for Scottish Personal Licence holders is May 30th this year, below Paul Chase explains the importance of applying for your refresher sooner than later.

As any Scottish personal licence holder should know by now, we’re coming up to the 10-year personal licence renewal date. For personal licences granted on or before 1 September 2009 the expiry date is 31 August 2019. But there is a licence renewal window that opened on 1 September 2018 and closes on 30 May 2019. And there’s no guarantee that your licence will be renewed before its expiry date even if you submit it before the 30 May, because licensing boards may not have the resources to clear the backlog created by lots of last-minute applications. The message is: get your Refresher training and Renewal done at the earliest possible opportunity!

At CPL Training Group we’ve put 850 people through SCPLH Refresher training since November 2018 and we’ve seen a 38% increase in the number of people booking on the SCPLH Refresher course for March 2019 as compared with November 2018 – and as I write we are only at the beginning of the month. These Refresher bookings are a mixture of people doing their first 5-year Refresher course and those doing their second one to facilitate their personal licence renewal application. Refresher courses can be sat with us either online or face-to-face, but the Refresher examination is sat at one of our registered exam centres and places are filling up fast.

We urge anyone who needs to renew their personal licence this year to get their Refresher training done and to submit their examination certificate with their renewal application to the relevant licensing board as soon as possible. We are putting on more courses and examination sessions to cope with the growing demand and we can assist with your renewal application as well, but it would be foolish to leave this to the last minute and risk revocation of your personal licence!

Photo by Robert V. Ruggiero on Unsplash