A mural labelled as ‘a message of love and inclusivity’ has been launched by Businessman Daniel Davies on Grosvenor Street in the heart of New Brighton.

The portrait of Dr Martin Luther King has been commissioned through Mr Davies’ company Rockpoint Leisure, who are currently undertaking a large-scale privately funded regeneration project within The Victoria Quarter area of the town.

The anniversary of the assassination also coincides with the launch of House of Lords Select Committee on Regenerating Seaside Towns and Communities report, ‘The Future of Seaside Towns,’ to which Mr Davies has given evidence, and has subsequently resulted in the committee using New Brighton’s Victoria Quarter as a key case study within the report.

In the report Mr Davies explained, “seaside towns that have seen the most success in shaking off the negative image… are those that have identified their own special character and unique selling points.”

Of the work and rejuvenation of New Brighton he said how most seaside towns, should

“boast of something that is special and unique to them alone”, whether that be “a combination of inherent geography, history, geology and ecology, and a host of other factors besides, including created features, such as attractions and culture.”

Rockpoint’s regeneration strategy focuses on amplifying the independent credentials of the area, underpinned by a plan for commercial rejuvenation, public realm improvements and a programme of scalable animation and events.

As part of changes to the public realm, Mr Davies has commissioned a number of street art pieces within the New Brighton neighbourhood.

The mural is based on the 1984 song by U2 called Pride (In the Name of Love) written about Martin Luther King Jr. The song is regarded as one of the band’s most popular songs and is ranked in the top 500 on the Rolling Stone list of the Greatest

Songs of All Time. The image is based on the one U2 used on the front cover of the single Pride (In the name of Love), the quote beneath the portrait is the second verse from the single.

Having grown up in the local area Daniel Davies reminiscing said “U2’s music capturing my imagination, their songs filled me with images of my life at the time – grim landscapes of local cities, drug abuse and hopelessness.”

Martin Luther King Jr who was recently shortlisted for BBC’s Icon of the Century and is regarded as one of the most influential civil rights leaders of all time. He was assassinated on the 4th April 1968. His message and his activism through nonviolent means remains an inspiration to people across the world to this day.

The UK flag colours have been replaced with the colours of flags from all the nations as a representation of diversification and inclusivity which is even more poignant in the current Brexit climate.

At the unveiling Mr Davies said that “In a time of polarisation and fractures within communities we could all look to the values of Dr King to unite our Kingdom.”