2019 marks the 4th National Licensing Week, a weeklong initiative aimed at raising awareness about the role of licensing across the UK.

The Institute of Licensing advocate that NLW, which will take place between 17th and 21st June, is a key opportunity for industries to showcase their role in licensing. National Licensing Week presents a real opportunity to celebrate the diversity of licensing.

There are daily themes throughout the week: Positive Partnerships, Tourism & Leisure, Home & Family, Night time and Business & Licensing. These daily themes illustrate that licensing really is everywhere, often invisible to the public but present in everyone’s lives, every day.  

Taking a taxi to work, meeting friends for a drink, betting on the tracks or chancing your luck in the casino.  Even buying a raffle ticket at the local bingo, choosing a new puppy for your family, going camping or indulging in body art and piercings.  Licensing is a common feature in all these activities, in place for the purpose of public safety and safeguarding.

Daniel Davies, CEO CPL Training Group, CEO Rockpoint Leisure, Chairman of the Institute of Licensing said: “National Licensing Week is an opportunity for everyone involved in licensing to showcase what they do. Licensing is often invisible – until things go wrong. Let’s change that together by using this week to raise awareness of all the excellent partnership work and initiatives across the country”.

If you are involved in licensing, help to raise awareness about what you do.  Consider swapping places with someone in a different role and seeing things from another angle.  Celebrate your partnership whether it’s a local pubwatch, Business Improvement District, Best Bar None scheme or something else entirely.

National Licensing Week will be from 17th June to 21st June 2019. For more information, visit www.licensingweek.org