New research has found that the hospitality and leisure sectors were among the few industries which continued to see the number of advertised roles grow year-on-year. According to research by Reed Hospitality and Leisure, the number of jobs advertised in the hospitality sector exceeded the national average of 9% across all UK sectors in 2018. This mean the amount of jobs advertised on a whole in the industry rose by 15%.

Hospitality also kept pace in terms of salary increases with other fast-growing sectors. While there was a 0.5% increase in average advertised hospitality and leisure salaries, the figures reveal a significant increase in some roles – 8.5% for executive chefs and 7.8% for hotel managers.

However, the hospitality sector falls behind other sectors in terms of staff retention with a rate of 70% against the national average of 85%. Unattractive hours, low salaries, misplaced promotions or lack of career progression have been suggested as the reason behind the low retention levels.

Natalie Reason, head of Tiger Hospitality, explained to Big Hospitality, that with some adjustment many of the reason for low retention can be negated during the initial recruitment process, which can give businesses the best chance of hiring for the long term.

She suggested that there were six steps to consider when hiring staff.

  • Defining your culture, by understanding what kind of business you are, you can attract the right kind of candidate.  
  • Set out but knowing what type of candidate you’re looking for, and what skills you feel are essential to the job role.
  • Be specific if the skills that you will need and what will be beneficial for your team and business.
  • Make sure you have communicated the career progression opportunities so that people are aware of the progression that is on offer. This will therefore ensure that possible candidates are not shocked/ leave should they not receive the progression they were after. Also, by advertising progression will encourage more people who might not have know the opportunities exist to apply.
  • It is important to sell the role. It is essential to include all the right elements to sell the position by being as descriptive and as exciting as possible. Advertise the benefits that may be on offer.
  • Take care of your current employees, you maybe find that a potential promotion for a current employee may be exactly what you are after.