The charity Only a Pavement Away was created by representatives from the hospitality industry to help homeless, ex-offenders and ex-service personnel get back into the community, find accommodation and seek a fresh start. The group specifically focus on finding work within the hospitality, pub and restaurant industry.

Their latest campaign is Fill a Flask. The ‘Fill A Flask’ campaign is designed to distribute 6000 thermal flasks, one to each person sleeping rough. The distribution timeframe is specifically targeted for the beginning of summer, a time when many rough sleepers need a cold drink, the flasks are extremely durable and can therefore be used throughout the year.

With the cost of the campaign at £40,000 OAPA are encouraging donations from the hospitality industry to help them reach their goal of facilitating 216,000. The use of flasks is environmentally friendly and based on a minimum average usage of each flask being filled three times per week per rough sleeper at 6000 rough sleepers saves 18000 plastic water bottles being used in just one week.

Only A Pavement Away rely heavily on donation as it cost’s £1200 to support a member. The charity is helping society save £4,550,000 by supporting offenders, but it is increasingly important that industries get on board in supporting this great campaign.

You can read more and donate through their website: