have conducted research to see how the hospitality industry can encourage more young talent to join the sector.

The research showed that anti-social hours, poor career prospects and the notion of a stressful working environment are putting 18-24-year old’s off joining the industry. It is essential that employers are showcasing the numerous opportunities on offer that can develop into successful and progressive career. The notion that the industry doesn’t develop careers is making parents discouraging their children from joining.

By providing on-the-job training and development will allow you to recruit exclusively on the person and whether they will fit into your workplace dynamic.  Hospitality is an industry that suits creative, intuitive and hardworking people with a strong desire to learn. Whatever your company culture, focus on hiring for personality this will give you a wider choice of candidate and have a positive impact on your retention too.

Ways in which you could incorporate this could be: hosting training nights with senior staff members, facilitating cross training between departments of your business, organising insight courses, team building, co-opting new recruits onto existing groups, or offering access to online learning.

Ensuring that you have a development and training program in place is key for staff retention. Young people are used to learning so take advantage of this and try new and diverse ways of introducing them to the industry and developing them. Innovative employers offer smart and engaging learning and development opportunities ranging from taster sessions to in-depth learning. With the evolution of Apprenticeships and the Apprenticeship Levy, there are a range of expert training providers out there who can support your offering.

The most important thing is to make sure you are reaching out to young people in schools and colleges and making it known that there are career opportunities within our sector. With on-going labour shortages now is the time for every employer to take direct and positive action to enable young people to enter the sector.