Through their Accelerator programme, Stonegate have officially trained 300 members of staff to management level, following the recent graduation of 17 deputy managers this month. Stonegate originally hit its 100th graduate mark in 2016 and 200th in 2018, but throughout the last year the rapid growth has seen them hit another 100 this July.

Tim Painter said: “Congratulations to everyone who successfully graduated. They are a talented group of future managers who understand both our business and our culture. I am always delighted to see our employees rewarded for their efforts. Stonegate is dedicated to providing outstanding opportunities to all of our employees via the Albert’s Theory of Progression training scheme.”

One of the highest scoring graduates, Angelo Rabelo, moved to the UK two years ago and is the deputy manager of a Be At One site.

Rabelo said: “My dream is to become an operations director, so to graduate from Accelerator with such a result after only two years in the business and two years studying English, is amazing. I am looking forward to all the new opportunities my qualification will bring me and to one day move on to the Aspirations course to help me progress towards becoming an area manager. I didn’t dream I would be here when I landed in the UK such a short time ago.”

Leah Bowen, who has worked for the pubco for seven years, also graduated and is now in charge of the Hamstead pub in Birmingham.

“To take over the Hamstead officially is just incredible,” she said. “It seems like only yesterday I was just getting started on my very first training course and now I’m running my own business within Stonegate. I’m so proud of the confidence and skills I have developed since then. I never envisioned working in a pub would be my career, but now I can’t imagine anything else.”

Photo by Amie Johnson on Unsplash