With a survey revealing that more than a third of British adults think their financial circumstances will deteriorate after Brexit, the Licensed Trade Charity is encouraging pub, bar and brewery workers to be prepared and check on what practical help it can give them should they need it.

Data accumulated from a poll in The Independent earlier this, shows that around 17m people are worried about how they will fare when Brexit finally happens, with the main concerns being a rising cost of food, a fall in value of the pound and a cost in the rise of energy.

In a survey conducted by Licensed Trade Charity, they found that a quarter of pub and bar staff have personally experienced money worries, with the two major areas of particular concerns in paying household bills (75%) and paying rent or mortgage (58%).

The survey of 370 licensees, managers and bar staff, conducted in April 2019, provided insight into their finances and money concerns and revealed the following:

  • 24% had personally experienced money worries
  • 75% of those had issues with paying household bills, with 58% having had struggles to pay rent or mortgage
  • 9% had had money concerns because of health issues

Many people who are experiencing money within the hospitality industry aren’t aware of the help they can receive from the charity.

The charity’s range of services for those in the drinks trade who have money concerns include:

  • A free 24/7 helpline staffed by citizen’s advice trained advisors who can listen and offer practical and expert advice on money matters
  • Financial support through grants to help employees through periods of short-term hardship, household bills, and rent and deposits to secure accommodation
  • A benefits calculator on the charity website which allows those in the trade to input their information to find out instantly if they are missing out on any ongoing financial support due to them.

Charity Services Manager Carolyn Jenkinson said: “We are able to offer a sympathetic ear and some excellent advice on how employees can reduce their debts, lower bills and ease the pressure of monthly payments, and where necessary we give grants to help ensure those payments are met. The first step anyone in the industry should take if they have concerns is talking to us. Through our 24/7 free helpline, we have a wealth of experience and expertise in providing practical advice to ease pressures”.

 “Last year a lady who had been in the pub trade for 23 years was signed off sick with mental health issues, exacerbated by her daughter being unhappy and bullied at school. This led to rent and council tax arrears, compounded by her not claiming the benefits she was entitled to, and her flat falling into disrepair. We awarded her grants to address her arrears, purchase a new cooker and carpets, and provided advice on what benefits she was entitled to, to support her going forward. With the stress of the situation lifted, she could return to work, and is now working full shifts again. Meanwhile her daughter was recommended for a scholarship at the charity’s independent school LVS Ascot, and after gaining good qualifications is now an apprentice at a recruitment company. The important thing is not to feel you have to battle through on your own when there are people here to help you”.

A short animated film released by the Licensed Trade Charity highlights the types of concerns pub workers may have, and how the charity’s assistance can alleviate those. You can watch the video here: bit.ly/LTCMoneyVideo 

Find out more about how the Licensed Trade Charity can help with money issues here: https://www.licensedtradecharity.org.uk/category/money/