We’re all about change at CPL Training right now, so in following this we decided to delve into other changes happening within the industry and the people delivering them.

The term Hospitalian was first used during an American Ted Talk by Bobby Stuckey, owner of Frasca Food and Wine, an acclaimed restaurant in Colorado, US. He drew upon his experiences to differentiate the meanings between service and hospitality in every aspect of life.

He comprehends the difference between Service, what you do to someone and Hospitality, how you make someone feel.

“Hospitality is not thinking of yourself, it’s thinking of the other person, and making them feel different, changing how they feel.

“We need to think that hospitality is important, not just in a restaurant, not just in a spa, or a luxury hotel. Hospitality is the secret weapon we need all of us to partake in.

Every one of us can do great hospitality, its free, it doesn’t take extra people, it just takes you all, to think, I can look outward and help someone else. You’ll be better with your workmates, with the people who work underneath you. If you’re a leader, you can lead people better. I think everyone of us can do great hospitality.”

Using this model, we created our latest feature: The Hospitalian. Each issue we will be speaking to a leading industry figure on how they are changing the hospitality sector and what it means to them.

For our first article we couldn’t think of anyone more prominent in the art of being a Hospitalian. Having used the unique form of crowdfunding to acquire loans to launch his acclaimed restaurants, Gary Usher is the founder of Elite Bistros. His latest venture saw him converting a former betting shop in Prescot, Liverpool to open the towns first restaurant in 30 years.

The journey to Pinions launch has been documented in a Channel 4 programme coming in autumn, and features Usher’s efforts to convince a town of skeptical locals to fall in love with deep-fried pig’s head croquettes and steak tartare.

You can read more about this and Gary Usher in the upcoming Autumn edition of Aspire.