Dropping participants right into the heart of Jordan, Challenge Jordan part of Pedalling for Pubs, will see riders battle the heat and rocky conditions to ride 300km across the country in aid of pubs, breweries and the wider hospitality industry in the UK. Aiming to raise over £150,000 in 2020 the money will be channelled into projects that support those in need via The Licensed Trade Charity and Only a Pavement Away who are dedicated to supporting people who work in the pub and hospitality industry.

Pedalling for Pubs is a charity bike ride with hospitality at its heart. Created in recognition and support of disadvantaged people from around the pub, brewery and wider hospitality sectors, 26 high profile representatives from some of the biggest names in the bar and food service industry will battle across Jordan in Spring 2020 with the aim to raise thousands for hospitality workers who may be suffering.

It is estimated that around 250,000 people working in the licensed trade are in need of support at any one time. Workers in the hospitality industry are often faced with situations where they have financial pressures, emotional stress or sudden change in circumstance that can leave them desperate for a helping hand.

Money raised from Challenge Jordon will be put into projects that support those in need, through The Licensed Trade Charity and Only A Pavement Away. The Licensed Trade Charity have been providing free of charge support to licensed trade people for over 200 years, while Only A Pavement Away act as a conduit to help those people struggling to get into work overcome hurdles by finding jobs within the hospitality, pub and restaurant industry.

In 2018, 320,000 people in the UK were registered homeless and growing. With 1.3 million vacancies expected in the pub and restaurant industries by 2024, hospitality is the third largest employer in the UK, generating £130 billion in sales per year. This places it above the automotive, pharmaceutical & aeronautics industries combined, as well as the perfect opportunity to promote fair employment for disadvantaged people.

As well as having the collaborative support of these two important charities, the inaugural cycling challenge was envisioned by KAM Media. Using fundraising platform JustGiving to encourage donations, each cyclist will drum up individual support for their training journey via their rider profiles on the Pedalling for Pubs website, which will contribute to the total monetary goal.

You can find out more by visiting their site: https://pedallingforpubs.org.uk/about-us/

Photo by Victor Xok on Unsplash