CPL Online, the digital learning and team engagement tools experts, is excited to announce the launch of their new e-learning course; Mental Health Support Champion. The aim of which is to support team members in understanding the importance of securing knowledge in mental health and promoting a supportive environment at all levels.

The course is in association with The Mind Map who work to navigate people to better mental health through journalism, therapy, signposting and Mental Health First Aid training. Combining their knowledge and CPL’s resources and skills, the mental health support champion course aims to not only promote mental health and wellbeing in the workplace but also to further enhance learners own personal knowledge, skills and understanding.

Recognising the symptoms of mental ill-health, delivering the correct support and guidance towards professional help all while developing an awareness of own wellbeing are all objectives covered within the course.

The launch of this course comes after CPL Online conducted their own research into mental health within the hospitality workplace. The results stated that 83% of respondents indicated that they believe their company would benefit from mental health awareness training and 29% of respondents would like to see more training at work to help individuals maintain positive mental health, including both dealing with those with mental health difficulties and knowing where to go for help themselves.

Martin Hilton, Director of Learning and Education at CPL Online, said:

“Fostering a better understanding of mental health and wellbeing will see businesses developing stronger relationships with their teams. While considering these matters at a personal level will help business leaders to empathise with those team members who may be experiencing mental ill-health and encourage them to seek the necessary support. We feel it is vital that all team members are trained so that they can work together to spot the tell-tale signs which, if acted upon, can help themselves and others. Ultimately this will improve staff retention levels, morale and productivity by showcasing that we can all talk about mental health in a safe environment free of prior preconceptions.”

The e-learning course is interactive and includes PDF’s for learners to take away, videos and useful links that can further educate.