Following the recent release of their Mental Health Support Champion e-Learning course, CPL Online are delighted to announce the launch of their new Personal Resilience Course.

The e-Learning course has been created specifically to help with the various pressures that come from working in the hospitality industry. It will give hints, tips and exercises that will help people “bounce back” and recover if stress levels are at breaking point.

This learning activity has been designed to encourage team members to understand what personal resilience is, reflect on how they handle pressure and provide advice on how to build resilience.

Businesses who look to incorporate this course into their Learning and Development programme can expect to achieve a range of benefits that will support all levels of employees from General Managers to back and front of house. By understanding personal resilience and wellbeing businesses will develop stronger relationships with their employees, improving staff retention levels, morale and productivity.

It has been created to form part of a new range of well-being courses all aimed at improving team members’ mental health and wellbeing. The course will educate the learners on how to notice if those around them are struggling with stress or pressure, and how they can provide effective support. By considering resilience and wellbeing at a personal level, a learner can empathise with team members who may be experiencing the same and encourage them to seek the necessary support.

The Personal Resilience course is to be part of a collection and will be allocated for free when purchased in conjunction with the Mental Health Awareness course.

Martin Hilton, Director of Learning and Education at CPL Online, said: “Helping individuals build personal resilience provides a real opportunity for the hospitality industry. Resilience supports self-esteem which through facilitating improves self-confidence, wellbeing and happiness; allows an individual’s hospitableness to arise and also supports an individual’s ability to bounce back through life’s difficulties and to deal with operational challenges which otherwise could cause problems. These factors will contribute to improved business experience for guests and employee satisfaction.”