Licensed Trade Charity thanks growing list of partners as £1m barrier in grants is broken for the first time.

The impact of its high-profile partnerships was revealed at the Licensed Trade Charity’s AGM on Tuesday 8th October, with operators and other charities helping ensure more people than ever know about the charity’s range of services.

Executives from pubcos such as J D Wetherspoon, Ei Group, Mitchells & Butlers and Stonegate were present as the charity revealed it had broken the £1m barrier in grants for the first time in 2018, thanks to their help in raising awareness amongst employees.

Wider partnerships with Shelter, Renovo and the Firefighters Charity also strengthened the charity’s services to help operators in the licensed trade to support their staff.

Licensed Trade Charity Chief Executive Jim Brewster said: “It is great to see so many of our corporate partners here today taking a genuine interest in helping us to grow the levels of support we can offer to those from the trade. By working together we can ensure the best possible care for employees, and the Corporate Contribution awards for Marston’s and Livelihood are fine examples of the work going on amongst operators to ensure employees know they can turn to us for help in so many areas when they need it”.

Through 2018, the LTC was able to help 13,434 and made 376 calls to isolated people, through grants they were able to give 767 grants worth £1.3million.

The charity was able to grow their awareness by 10% while working in partnership with 9,802 pubs and reaching up to 164,486 people. Comparing the LTC’s January to July 2019 v 2018 figures, their helpline calls were up 111%, their direct support up 55% and the total people they were able to help was up 119%.