A report by learning providers High Speed Training found that almost half (44%) of hospitality managers say British employees fall short of their European counterparts in their knowledge of food safety and hygiene. The report b

The Preserving the ‘Art of Hospitality’ ​report also found 86% of the public said quality of food was most important to them in choosing whether to visit a restaurant more than once, while the second most important reason for revisiting a restaurant was quality of service (70%). Value for money came in third.

The report also looked at the job roles most at risk post-Brexit and found that 97% of hospitality business owners and those in management positions expect a shortfall in staff following Brexit – hampering the UK’s ability to continue servicing customers to the current high standards.

According to 80% of professional, serving staff are most at risk while hotel manager positions predicted to be least affected.

The research also found the UK has the friendliest hospitality in Europe, according to public opinion, with nearly 50% of respondents within the industry saying the UK deserves second position, just behind Spain.

High Speed Training head of learning and development Richard Anderson said: “The perception among hospitality professionals that UK workers lack the food hygiene and safety awareness of their European colleagues is extremely concerning. Hospitality has a widening skills gap and Brexit will potentially accelerate this shortage due to the industry’s strong reliance on migrant workers.

“Our report details ways in which the industry can be proactive and do everything it can to boost skills and drive forward recruitment and retention”