CPL Online are proud to announce that their e-learning courses will now be endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality.

CPL Online courses will continue to be endorsed by BIIAB but are excited to now also have the Institute of Hospitality backing as well, firmly securing the knowledge of the quality of products on offer.  

CPL and Institute of Hospitality share the values of lifelong learning and development. This endorsement secures the expertise that CPL Online are an evolving and committed professional program of study within the hospitality industry.

An Institute of Hospitality endorsement is awarded to a body of study that encourages the highest professional standards of education throughout the sector and maintain and develop the quality of education and training available for purposes of CPD (Continued Professional Development). The primary purpose of the Institute of Hospitality is to “promote the highest professional standards of management and education in the international hospitality, leisure and tourism industries.” 

The Institute recognises that CPL Online provide an outstanding quality of training that provides learners with confidence through exemplary products and materials.

As a professional body, the IOH recognizes that professionals must adopt a positive attitude to CPD and lifelong learning in order to adapt to the rapidly changing environment.

The IOH promotes CPD because it maintains and raises professional standards and raises the status of the profession within the industry, as well as raising its own status amongst other professional associations. This enhances the profiles of their members and in turns gives them the opportunity to achieve recognition for membership upgrading and progression, something which CPL Online confidently provide.

Martin Hilton, Director of Learning and Education said: “We believe the Institute of Hospitality are a recognised symbol of quality in the hospitality industry and at CPL we share the same vision of supporting organisations unlocking potential. Having their endorsement enables our courses to stand out to businesses and clients and secure them with the knowledge that we offer outstanding services.”

Alistair Sandall FIH, Head of Professional Development said: “We are delighted to award endorsement recognition to CPL Online for their interactive hospitality and compliance related online training courses. With an impressive wealth of industry related knowledge and substantial experience in the design of online education, CPL Online courses not only engage the learner they benefit team members at all levels across the industry, helping them to achieve both their professional and personal development goals.”